How to get the workspace of a debugged function, from within a GUI debugger

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I want to accomplish the following:
  • Start a Matlab function, say Test(), which then hits a breakpoint set by myself.
  • Start a debugger GUI (tool I want to write). It is also possible that this tool is already running before starting Test().
  • The debugger GUI must then be able to get the workspace of function Test(), and present its variables in the GUI to the user (with different functionality the Matlab GUIs currently offer....).
I searched quit a lot but did not find how to do this. It seems that evalin() is restricted to 'base' or 'caller', and thus the workspace of Test() is unreachable once you enter a function in the debugger GUI. Is there a way to bypass that and get the variables of the Test() workspace into the debugger GUI and maybe even be able to update while stepping through Test()?
The best thing I could come up with thusfar is to start the GUI on the command line after hitting the breakpoint in Test(), so I can copy Test() variabes at that time, but it does not enable me to track them while stepping through the Test() code.


Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2023년 3월 12일
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Jeroen Boschma
Jeroen Boschma 2023년 3월 12일
Because I want a treeview of nested class/structs, that can be done quite easily in ASCII.

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