Fortran compiler for R2022B

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Jason Climer
Jason Climer . 2023년 3월 10일
댓글: Jason Climer . 2023년 5월 11일
I am running MATLAB R2022B in Windows 11.
I looked at the supported compilers table ( and saw that Intel oneAPI 2021 for Fortran is the supported compiler. However, Intel oneAPI 2021 doesn't appear to be available on Intel's website. I downloaded the Intel Fortran Compiler ( and installed it sucessfully (I did install Microsoft Visual C++ 2022), however, when I run
mex -setup FORTRAN
MEX configured to use 'gfortran' for FORTRAN language compilation.
I get the error "Supported compiler not detected. For options, visit".
Any advice on how to proceed?
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Jason Climer
Jason Climer 2023년 5월 11일
Hi Jian,
I found a pre-compliled version of the code I was working with that worked so I stopped digging into the problem. Please try Christopher's answer below and let me know if it works and I'll update my answer to the question.

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland 2023년 3월 10일
Hi Jason,
I am not sure if this will help, however the Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic and Intel® Fortran Compiler can be downloaded here:
or here
Depending on what works better, the first option should work without issue. There has been reduced support for Intel Parallel Studio with R2022b, though I beleive this is due to the intel dropping Intel Parallel Studio support.
Hope this helps,


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