Combining 2 values in Simulink

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Prasad Joshi
Prasad Joshi 2023년 3월 7일
답변: Sam Chak 2023년 3월 7일
Hello I am receiving 2 signals in Simulink . I want to merge this 2 signals . This signals are of uneven dimension . with matlab code I am getting the following error in simulink function . Can someone please help me in this how can i replicate the following matlab code[ in right side] in simulink using the library Thanks in advance


Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2023년 3월 7일
Initialize a vector for y will solve the issue. Else, you can also use the Matrix Concatenate block.
function y = fcn(u, v)
y = zeros(1, 10); % initialize a vector
y(1:5) = u;
y(6:10) = v;

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