Errors in icoshift.m

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Chai Chee
Chai Chee 2023년 3월 7일
답변: Sai Sumanth Korthiwada 2023년 3월 28일
I am running icoshif.m [xCS,ints,ind,target] = icoshift(xT,xP,inter,n,options,Scal) to align NMR data peaks.
This is what I wrote for script:
[X1,ints,ind,target] = icoshift('average',X1,[0.0162 0.0763],'b',[2 1 0 0.1 1])
However I encountered errors:
Automatic searching for the best "n" for each interval enabled
It can take a longer time
Co-shifting interval no. 1 of 1...
199 [ind(:,i),xCS(:,a,:),target] = localAlign(xP(:,a),xT(:,a),n,optionsVec,pars.maxFlag);
unrecognized function or variable 'X'.
Please help pointing out my error to fix it. Thank you.

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Sai Sumanth Korthiwada
Sai Sumanth Korthiwada 2023년 3월 28일
Hi Chai Chee,
I understand that you are facing an error while executing 'iconshift.m' file.
As the error suggests,
unrecognized function or variable 'X'
Please use debugger available in MATLAB Editor toolstrip. Place breakpoints in the statements to analyse if the variable is created when the execution is at that point. Please find the screenshot of debugger with breakpoint below:
Hope this helps!


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