Can't find control system tuner in simulink

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relue 2023년 3월 3일
답변: Sam Chak 2023년 3월 3일
I have the control systems toolbox installed on my computer. I am able to see the control systems tuner in matlab, but when I open simulink, none of the controls app show up under apps. I re-installed the toolbox and updated matlab to latest, but that didn't solve it.


Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro 2023년 3월 3일
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relue 2023년 3월 3일
I've verified that the apps are installed correctly using ver command. The issue is that apps show up on matlab, but not in simulink.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2023년 3월 3일
Not exactly sure what happened. While waiting for the solution from the Staffs or other Users, you can use this trick to open the Control System Tuner for the existing Simulink model.
For example, if have a simulink model named, myModel.slx, then enter the following command at the MATLAB command line to open the Control System Tuner:
Else, enter this if your untitled Simulink model is yet to be saved:
The name of the Simulink model will be shown on the title bar of the Control System Tuner window.




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