"To Workspace" won't log as fixed-point

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Charles . 2023년 2월 22일
답변: Charles . 2023년 2월 23일
I'm using the "To Workspace" block in my design and I want it to preserve the type of the signal its logging. I am in the process of converting the design to fixed-point in preparation for HDL Coder. I've checked the "Log fixed-point data as a fi object" box in the module's mask. However, "To Workspace" will only log as double.
I tried to duplicate the issue in a simple system, however it does not reappear. My design is large and proprietary so obviously I cannot share that.
I am logging multiple signals. Here are some example signal types: sfix20, sfix50_E2, sfix24_E1. Interestingly, there is a signal of type int16 which is logged correctly.
Thanks for any help.
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Charles 2023년 2월 23일
Here is a screen shot showing the usage. The block lives inside an enabled subsystem. The datatype of the signal is clearly labeled as sfix24_E1 and the "Log fixed-point data as fi object" checkbox is selected.

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Charles 2023년 2월 23일
Ok, I found a workaround - setting the save format to "Timeseries" causes the data to be saved in the signal's original fixed-point type. No idea if this works for the other types, or why it won't work with the "array" save format.


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