How do I find the white pixel in the row/column

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Kantachai Chamnarnkit
Kantachai Chamnarnkit . 2023년 2월 9일
편집: Vilém Frynta . 2023년 2월 9일
I can find the centroid of an white pixel image. I want to find the first/last white pixel in the row/column to calculate the distance of x and y.

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Vilém Frynta
Vilém Frynta 2023년 2월 9일
편집: Vilém Frynta 님. 2023년 2월 9일
Hope this answers your question.
img = imread("pic1.jpg"); % loading your picture
img = rgb2gray(img); % convert to black-and-white pic
row = 450; % choosing random row
idx = find(img(row,:)==0); % position of all white pixels in row 450
diff = idx(1) - idx(end) % difference of first and last pixel in row 450
diff = -598
This should work fine. I noticed your white == 0 and black == 255.
Also, this is for chosen row. If you change this a bit, you can get it for any column.


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