gradCAM() unclear error message

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland . 2023년 2월 6일
댓글: Christopher McCausland . 2023년 2월 11일
I am trying to use the gradCAM() function on my own data (attached).
when I run the following command;
map = gradCAM(net,features,label)
%Error ==> Network input layer must be an imageInputLayer or image3dInputLayer.
however the documentation clearly states a SequenceInputLayer can be used and gives an eample. I believe my net conforms to all input argument requirements and appears to input the same way as the SequenceInputLayer example.
What is causing this error?

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Sai Sumanth Korthiwada
Sai Sumanth Korthiwada 2023년 2월 9일
Hi Christopher,
I have used the attached files and the code provided above. It works fine for me without any errors in R2022b. The "net" has met all the input argument requirements; I did not notice any flags.
Try clearing out the workspace and execute the code again.
Hope this helps!
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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland 2023년 2월 11일
Hi Sai,
Thank you for your response. I have now tested this both on R2022b and R2019b. As you mention on R2022b it runs without issue, however on R2019b there seems to be a bug.
This is unfortunate as I have access to an HPC which is currently running R2019b. However it atleast gives me a work around. Thank you for your help!

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