How can I create a matrix that contains number and text without using the cell array?

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I need to turn a structure into a matrix (as an Excel-like table - see above). I can transpose the single data stored in the different fields to create my table (as I did above), but I can't add columns containing text. I know I am supposed to create a cell array, but my goal is to have all my data in a single matrix that I can open in R for analysis. I'm also trying to open a cell array in R but doesn't really work well.
Thank you very much!
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the cyclist
the cyclist 2023년 2월 4일
Yeah, the unfortunate practical reality is that converting to CSV is almost always the way to communicate between statistical software languages.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2023년 2월 3일
편집: the cyclist 2023년 2월 3일
The MATLAB table data type is probably the best for this.
Then, how you choose to export the data from MATLAB will also be important. You can use the writetable function for that.

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov 2023년 2월 3일
The most efficientw ay of getting this exercise done is wot use writetable():
% (1) Some structure data:
A.Data1 =(1:10).';
A.TXT = [''; ''; 'abc'; 'bac'; 'cba'; 'cab'];
% (2) Convert it into a table array
B = array2table(A.Data1);
B.Var2 = A.Data2;
% (3) Write them (numerical and textual data) into MS Excel using writetable()
writetable(B, 'RData.xls', 'WriteVariableNames',false, 'Sheet', 1);
C = table(A.TXT);
writetable(C, 'RData.xls', 'WriteVariableNames',false, 'Sheet', 1, 'Range', 'C5:C10')


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