What does a dashed line in simbiology mean?

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Day 2023년 2월 3일
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I found a reaction connecting between two species_1 and species_2 in a simbiology model. There is a dashed line connecting between the reaction and species_1. Whar does that mean/indicate?
species 1 -> species _1 + species _2


Tushar Behera
Tushar Behera 2023년 2월 3일
Hi Day,
I am assuming when you are asking about the dashed line you are talking about this symbol "->".
The reaction means that species 1 is being consumed in the reaction, according to the dashed line connecting the reaction to species 1. Species 1 undergoes a transformation into both species 1 and species 2, as shown by the reaction's symbol
species 1 -> species 1 + species 2.
To know more about reactions and their meaning in MATLAB you can follow the following link,
I hope this resolves your query.
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Day 2023년 2월 3일
Thank you for your answer.
I need to make my question clearer. What does the dashed line between the species and the reaction mean? Could it be a representation of the differential equation dx/dt=cx, where the species is x?
Many thanks,

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 2023년 2월 3일
The dashed line in the diagram indicates a species that is a catalyst. More specifically, it means the species appears as both a reactant and a product, so it is neither consumed or produced by the reaction.
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Day 2023년 2월 11일
Thank you so much

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