Simscape DC Motor settings

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Luke Hirl
Luke Hirl . 2023년 2월 2일
답변: Sabin . 2023년 4월 4일
I am trying to model a centrifuge in Simscape in order to evaluate control loops on it.
I recorded stepresponses for the centrifuge and am fairly certain of the inertia and friction applied to the DC Motor running the centrifuge.
In my model I use the DC Motor block and used the values from the motor data sheet (
(Gear reduction is 15, armature inductance was measured with multimeter)
My problem right now is that while it reaches the expected rotational speed, it reaches it 3 to 4 times faster than the real thing.
Furthermore the current flowing to the motor is far higher than the measured current with a current probe hooked up to an oscilloscope. And the torque output of the DC motor is not as shown in the data sheet.
So my question can someone tell me what to use for the DC motor block settings depending on the data sheet?

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Sabin 2023년 4월 4일
I suspect the inertia is not parametrized corectly. Increasing the inertia would increase the speed response time.


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