How to prepare extract monthly Data from a group of data?

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Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 2023년 1월 24일
댓글: Rahul Verma 2023년 1월 24일
I have an excel file, containing monthly data of several years column-wise. Now i have to extract the data for perticular month (say February month from all the years). I want to write a code which can extract the data in aforementioned manner.
I have attached the excel file for better understanding. Descroption of data: The excel file contains years, months and data values. First column is year (1950-2022), second column- respective months and thrird column has values.
Now i want to extract the February month data from all the years. How can i do it?

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VBBV 2023년 1월 24일
A = readtable('');
A.Properties.VariableNames = {'Year','Month','Data'};
idx=A.Month == 2;
AllFebData = [A.Year(idx) A.Data(idx)]
AllFebData = 73×2
1.0e+03 * 1.9500 0.0006 1.9510 -0.0004 1.9520 -0.0017 1.9530 -0.0002 1.9540 -0.0002 1.9550 -0.0015 1.9560 -0.0020 1.9570 -0.0015 1.9580 -0.0022 1.9590 0.0025

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Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq 2023년 1월 24일
febmonth=a(b,[1 3]);


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