Bar plot for two matrices together

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Joydeb Saha
Joydeb Saha . 2023년 1월 18일
편집: Stephan . 2023년 1월 18일
I have two matrices ww and si. I want to make a bar plot with this two. For each year (x-axis) I need to show 2 bars – one ww and one si. si need to be reversed, as si in negative y axis. So that flipping the si to show the same trends of the bars.
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Joydeb Saha
Joydeb Saha 2023년 1월 18일
I want to make something like this. See the image attached. Attached the matrices also.

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Stephan 2023년 1월 18일
편집: Stephan 님. 2023년 1월 18일


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