Simbiology example expression in the Tumor growth model

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I am trying to understand one of the case study models in simbiology, "tumor_growth_fitPKPD.sbproj", explained at I am wondering about the expression used for the total tumor weight in this example. Changes in tumor weight has been expressed using a dedicated reaction with a custom reaction rate. How the expression for the reaction rate has been derived? I guess, the original publication used wt(t) = x1(t) + x2(t) + x3(t) + x4(t).

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 2023년 1월 17일
We chose to model the tumor weight this way so that it would be possible to perform local sensitivity analysis using tumor weight as a sensitivity output. (Here's an example that does that.) This is basically due to a current technical limitation of SimBiology's local sensitivity analysis. If you don't care about local sensitivity analysis, then the more natural way to define tumor weight is probably to use a repeated assignment rule similar to what you wrote in your question.
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Anu 2023년 1월 18일
Thanks, this insight is very helpful.

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