Static library code generation from windows to linux

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There is something I don't understand in matlab Coder and haven't found the solution:
I am running on matlab 2022b on my windows computer and have a .m code ready for C code generation. I want to generate a static library with the intention to use it on a linux platform (a Raspberry Pi 3+ in that case). I have installed and configured the Raspberry Pi hardware support package, selected "Static Library" as build type, "Raspberry Pi" as hardware board and "GNU GCC Embedded Linux" as toolchain.
I expect the generation of a .a file, but I get a .lib. Did I do something wrong ?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2023년 1월 14일
The Raspberry Pi support package generates the C code on the host Windows computer, then the copies the code to the Raspberry Pi to compile and link using the Raspian gcc compiler.
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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2023년 1월 16일
Note. It is possible to create a custom toolchain to do this, but with standard Simulink Coder/Embedded Coder, you must be on a linux machine to create a linux .a file.

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