How to arrange input fields straight below each other using inputsdlg?

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Brezelbayer . 2023년 1월 12일
댓글: Brezelbayer . 2023년 1월 12일
I'm using the Matlab Add-On "inputsdlg: Enhanced Dialog Box" to catch information of participants. The dialog box works fine but looks messy, because the input fields are not arraged straight below each other since the promptheadlines have different lenghts.
So, what can I do that all the input fields start at the same width position of my dialog box window?
Using the regular "inputdlg" is not an option because I have a dropdown field in the dialog box.
% Add-On "inputsdlg" must be installed, otherwise code wont run!
name = 'Participantdata'; % Titel
prompt = {'ParticipantID';'FirstName';'LastName';'Age';'Sex'}; % Collected Data
formats = struct('type', {}, 'style', {}, 'items', {}, 'format', {}, 'limits', {}, 'size', {});
formats(1,1).type = 'edit';
formats(1,1).format = 'integer';
formats(1,1).limits = [0 1000];
formats(1,1).size = [200 20];
formats(2,1).type = 'edit';
formats(2,1).style = 'edit';
formats(2,1).format = 'text';
formats(2,1).size = [200 20];
formats(3,1).type = 'edit';
formats(3,1).style = 'edit';
formats(3,1).format = 'text';
formats(3,1).size = [200 20];
formats(4,1).type = 'edit';
formats(4,1).format = 'integer';
formats(4,1).limits = [1 150];
formats(4,1).size = [200 20];
formats(5,1).type = 'list';
formats(5,1).style = 'popupmenu';
formats(5,1).items = {'m','f'};
formats(5,1).size = [200 20];
defaultanswers = {0, 'NaN', 'Nan', 1, 1};
[answer, canceled] = inputsdlg(prompt, name, formats, defaultanswers);

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Bora Eryilmaz
Bora Eryilmaz 2023년 1월 12일
You won't get perfect alignment, but you can pad the prompt strings with empty spaces:
prompt = {...
'ParticipantID'; ...
'FirstName '; ...
'LastName '; ...
'Age '; ...
'Sex '}; % Collected Data
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Brezelbayer 2023년 1월 12일
Thanks! Well, I guess for a perfect alignment it's better to create an app with a GUI than using inputsdgl.

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