Help for live livescripts in Command Window

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Enrique 2022년 12월 17일
답변: Suvansh Arora 2022년 12월 20일
I am transforming some of the scripts I use (*.m) to matlab livescript (*.mlx) and I would like to use the help command function to display some information regarding the livescripts contained on a path. Is it possible to do this with livescripts or this feature has not been implemented yet ?
On the mathworks help center the following information is provided. (Help for functions in Command Window)
If name specifies the name or partial path of a folder:
  • If the folder contains a nonempty Contents.m file, the help function displays the file. Contents.m contains a list of MATLAB program files in the folder and their descriptions.
  • If the folder contains an empty Contents.m file, the help function displays name is a folder.
  • If the folder does not contain a Contents.m file, the help function lists the first line of help text for each program file in the folder.
  • If name is the name of both a folder and another item on the MATLAB search path (such as a method, class, toolbox, or variable), the help function displays the associated text for the item on the search path and a link to display the help text for the folder.

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Suvansh Arora
Suvansh Arora 2022년 12월 20일
‘LiveScript’ in MATLAB is not designed to display content or help messages on the command window. Even though if you are looking for a workaround, follow the procedure mentioned below:
  1. Export the ‘LiveScripts’ to ‘.m’ scripts in the same directory structure using ‘export’, follow the documentation mentioned below for reference:Convert live script or function to standard format - MATLAB export
  2. Now for every ‘Livescript’ you may choose to display help messages.
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