Can someone help me with the representation of the signals?

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Novicov Ioan
Novicov Ioan 2022년 12월 11일
댓글: Novicov Ioan 2022년 12월 11일

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Stephan 2022년 12월 11일
편집: Stephan 2022년 12월 11일
plot can not show one single point. Use at least 2 points for w to get a plot - or use scatter.
To avoid further errors replace

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022년 12월 11일
Attach your script. No one wants to type in 12 lines of code just to help you when you could just as easily copy and paste it here. And you need to plot a marker if you just want a single point, like to plot a blue dot do this:
plot(someValue, 'b.', 'MarkerSize', 50)


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