How to create these shapes in Matlab

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Nicholas 2022년 11월 21일
답변: Image Analyst 2022년 11월 22일
Ive benn trying to complete this assignment with very little luck, here is the code ive managed to write thus far:
filepath1 = '\\myfilepath\\BinaryImage.png';
A = false(100);
figure('Name','Binary images')
subplot(2,2,3) %subplot( no. of rows, no. of cols, position)
for j = 1:100
A(j, 1:(51-j)) = 1;
I have attached the question with all the information I have been given.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 2022년 11월 21일
편집: Benjamin Thompson 2022년 11월 21일
Where is the m-file referenced in the problem statement? That would probably help on some of the coding structure questions. You should initially assign a 2D array of ones to A:
A = ones(100,100);
Then based on which row you are updating you need some "if" statements.So if 1 <= j <= 50, you need to zero out the correct number of columns as a function of j. Then it looks like rows 51 to 75 will have a different outcome, then 76 to 100 and 86 to 100 are all treated differently. So at least four different if/else/elseif statements in your for loop to handle the various shapes you are trying to produce as the index variable j increases.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022년 11월 22일


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