What "Window" value or size mean when using the audioFeatureExtractor function

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When I am trying to use the audioFeatureExtractor function to extract features from an audion. I need to define the property "Window". The defult value is "hamming(1024,"periodic")".
I am trying to undersnad what 1024 means? Does it mean taking the first 1024 ms of the audion and extracting the features from it ?
Thank you

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jibrahim 2022년 11월 3일
Feature extraction operates along windows of audioIn: You first take the first 1024 samples of audioIn and process them, then you take the next 1024 samples, and so on. OverlapLength determines how many samples overlap between consecutive windows. To figure out how long the window is in seconds, use SampleRate. In your case, a window lasts for 1024/SampleRate seconds.
This is explained in the Algorithm section in the audioFeatureExtraxctor documentation.

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