Timestamp of Pitch in Audio file

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jcclar12 2022년 11월 1일
댓글: jcclar12 2022년 11월 2일
I am a beginner with Matlab. I have a very very large audio file and I want to extract the pitch from the audio file with a timestamp of when the pitch request happened. So far this is how I am extracting the pitch:
%Input Audio file
[audioIn,fs]= audioread('M2_1.wav');
%Refine Pitch
windowLength = round(0.03*fs);
overlapLength = round(0.025*fs);
f0 = pitch(audioIn,fs,WindowLength=windowLength,OverlapLength=overlapLength,Range=[50,400]);

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jibrahim 2022년 11월 2일
The pitch function has a second output argument that returns the location of the corresponding pitch values in f0.
[f0, loc] = pitch(audioIn,fs,WindowLength=windowLength,OverlapLength=overlapLength,Range=[50,400]);
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jcclar12 2022년 11월 2일
Thank you this worked!

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