Is there a tool which produces a graphical (or textual) representation of the data dependencies of a model?

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I would like to know what other TMW users have seen in terms of graphical representation of data dependencies for a simulink model. For example, if I have a large model with many subsystems, and these subsystem feedback data upstream using memory blocks, is there a tool that will show me a graphical representation of these feedback dependencies? A textual representation would be acceptable as well. A TMW tool would be best, but a 3d party tool would also be acceptable. thanks


Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 2015년 3월 17일
There are two tools I can think of, both of which are included with a standard Simulink license.
1. Model Dependency Viewer: This will only show you the model and library dependencies of a particular Simulink model.
2. Impact Analysis : This requires you to have your model (and its dependencies) inside a Simulink project.
The second approach will have more information (requirements links, MATLAB/other data file dependencies, images/code references, etc.); however, it does take a bit more effort to set up a Simulink project. Not much, though -- so I would look into it!
- Sebastian

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