issue with MATLAB figure

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AYMEN ZREIKAT . 2022년 10월 4일
댓글: Robert U . 2022년 10월 5일
I create a figure xx.fig, now I save it as: xx.jpg. Eveything is fine. Now I made a copy of this file yy.fig because I need to modify the font size to have better resolution. Only I increased the font from 220 to 22. When I save the file as jpg, it gives me bad resolution compared with the previous one. What is the reason? I can not modify the font.
Thanks inadvance for your quick response.
This one is font 20
This one is font 22 but it looks worse inside word document

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Robert U
Robert U 2022년 10월 4일
Hi Aymen Zreikat,
Please have a look at the export function you use. I recommend to use print() since it comes with several configuration options.
close all
data = rand(1,100);
data = [1:100; data];
fh = figure;
ah = axes(fh);
ah.XLabel.String = 'Cell Radius (km)';
ah.YLabel.String = 'Max Nr. of User (-)';
ah.XLabel.FontSize = 22;
ah.YLabel.FontSize = 22;
Kind regards,
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Robert U
Robert U 2022년 10월 5일
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Kind regards,

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