readcell function returns "failed to convert character code" error

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I have a cell array with 153 cells.
Each cell has inside a vector whose size might vary from a few thousands of collumns to even ~30M collumns.
The numbers in the vectors are double.
I use the command
to write the 'trace_set' cell array inside a file either '.csv' or '.txt'.
Creating the file takes a long time ( ~30min to 38min) and I end up with a files of ~15GB.
When I am trying to read back these files using the following command
I end up always with the following error:
Failed to convert character code.
This happens for either the '.txt' or '.csv' files.
How can this be resolved?
I am using Matlab R2021b on Centos 7.
Thank you in advance for the help.
Kind regards,

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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 9월 29일
Just use save command.
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Nassos 2022년 9월 29일
Yes, using
and saving in a '.mat' file, solved the issue as the file is now only ~5GB and the time to save it dropped to only 3min.
And I am able to load only individual cells of the cell array too.
Thanks @David Hill!
p.s. If anyone wants to chime in on why the writecell-readcell combination fails, feel free.

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