Incompatible indexing of variable for parfor

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Hari 2022년 9월 26일
답변: Edric Ellis 2022년 9월 27일
I have a variable Network which is a cell array of size 5x12. Each cell is 76x1 double. Inside the parfor loop, in every iteration I need to use portions of the variable of size 5x3. This gives me a warning in the parfor that the variable is indexed in a way incompatible for the loop.
Here is a glimpse of my code. Can anybody suggest ways to modify the variable so that it can be made compatible with parfor loop
parfor j=1:4
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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2022년 9월 27일
Then reshape your array in 3D
Networkr = reshape(Network, size(Nerworks,1), 3, []);
then use parforloop on the third dimension.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis 2022년 9월 27일
The total size in bytes of Network is 5*12*76*8 = 36480. That is tiny. Ignore the parfor "broadcast" warning - that is intended to alert you when you might accidentally be sending gigabytes to each worker. It is irrelevant in this case.

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