Looping if between 2 numbers

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jason 2022년 9월 21일
편집: Jeffrey Clark 2022년 9월 21일
I am trying to create a for loop that will only loop if x is between two number like 0<=x & x>= 12, but when I use the & symbol it does not work.

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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark 2022년 9월 21일
@jason, the and operator (&) produces a logical (true/false 1/0) result - not a range of values. Please look at MATLAB documentation and specifically Find logical AND - MATLAB and & (mathworks.com) and for loop to repeat specified number of times - MATLAB for (mathworks.com)
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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark 2022년 9월 21일
편집: Jeffrey Clark 2022년 9월 21일
@jason, perhaps you are saying loop between values but intend to while loop for your indicated range of x (especially if x is a non integer value) example:
x = someScalar; % not an array
while 0<=x & x<=12 % you really want to continue when less or equal to 12 not x>=12
% do something to change x
if wantToBreakOutEarly
% will reach this point if ~(0<=x & x<=12) | wantToBreakOutEarly

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2022년 9월 21일
편집: John D'Errico 2022년 9월 21일
As @Jeffrey Clark said, the & operator is a LOGICAL operator. Perhaps what you want to do is have a loop over a discontigous domain? For example, you can do this:
S = [-5:0, 12:15];
for s = S
-5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 12 13 14 15
Is that what you were looking to do?
No, as I re-read your question, I think it is not.
You asked about a loop that ONLY operates when X is in some interval. And that surely means a while loop. So you can do this:
x = randi(18) - 3;
while (x >= 0) && (x <= 12)
x = randi(18) - 3;
1 6 4 12 8 3 8 10 0 12 9 11 7 8 7 10
disp("final value of x that failed: " + x)
final value of x that failed: 15
So as long as x remains in the interval of interest, the loop continues. Is that what you want?


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