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shade area between graphs

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Michiel 2015년 2월 28일
댓글: Yash Mistry 2021년 7월 20일
I want to shade the area between these graphs
but this certainly does not do the trick:
fill([t t(end:-1:1)],[y1 y2(end:-1:1)],'y')
I also downloaded and tried "jblill"
but that did not seem to amend the outcome so far
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2017년 12월 15일
Yes, there were answers below, one of which he accepted though both should work.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2015년 2월 28일
Try using fill() instead of area():
x = 1 : 300;
curve1 = log(x);
curve2 = 2*log(x);
plot(x, curve1, 'r', 'LineWidth', 2);
hold on;
plot(x, curve2, 'b', 'LineWidth', 2);
x2 = [x, fliplr(x)];
inBetween = [curve1, fliplr(curve2)];
fill(x2, inBetween, 'g');
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Tom 2019년 2월 1일
If you have data sets of different lengths in the same figure, I suggest interpolating both datasets in such a way that their x-axes are identical. Since the PLOT function implicitly interpolates the data linearly, this will not change the way your data is displayed.
If you have data that contains NaNs, what do you want to achieve? How should the filling be? Should it stop at discontinuities? Should it act as if the discontinuities aren't there?

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2015년 2월 28일
편집: Star Strider 2015년 2월 28일
Try this:
x = linspace(0,10*pi);
y1 = sin(x);
y2 = cos(x);
plot(x, y1)
hold on
plot(x, y2)
patch([x fliplr(x)], [y1 fliplr(y2)], 'g')
hold off
Experiment with your data to get the result you want.
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Yash Mistry
Yash Mistry 2021년 7월 20일
how can I avoid that?

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Javier Montalt Tordera
Javier Montalt Tordera 2019년 4월 12일
This can be simplified using the function shade (in MATLAB File Exchange).
The syntax for the above problem would be:
shade(t,y1,t,y2,'FillType',[1 2;2 1]);
The FillType option specifies that the area between lines 1 and 2 should be filled, whether 1 is above 2 or the other way round.
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Javier Montalt Tordera
Javier Montalt Tordera 2020년 3월 24일
You should be able to change line color and fill color using the properties 'Color' and 'FillColor', respectively, specified as name-value pairs.

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I am using this last suggestion by Star Strider to plot error bar shading using patch, but in some cases I get in addition to the shading straight lines (see the third plot at the bottom in the attached figure) I have eliminated the points with NaNs. It seems ok in the other two cases (the upper plots in the same figure). What can be causing this?

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