Adding parameter to file name string when saving a figure using savefig or figsave

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I am trying to save a figuer using figsave or savefig, with both string parameter and string. But nothing works.
dt = datestr(now,'yymmdd_HHMMSS');
filename = sprintf("C15_rhs_CalADC_ch%i_%s",CHANNEL,dt);
I need line 4 or line 5 to work to save the figuer as : C15_rhs_CalADC_ch6_220919_121449_ac

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2022년 9월 19일
Moved: Rik 2022년 9월 20일
I am not certain what you want.
Perhaps —
dt = datestr(now,'yymmdd_HHMMSS');
filename = sprintf("C15_rhs_CalADC_ch%i_%s_",CHANNEL,dt) + "ac"
filename = "C15_rhs_CalADC_ch1_220919_140304_ac"
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Chunru 2022년 9월 19일
편집: Chunru 2022년 9월 20일
dt = datestr(now,'yymmdd_HHMMSS');
% filename = sprintf("C15_rhs_CalADC_ch%i_%s_ac",CHANNEL,dt); % with ac
% plot(randn(6,1))
% %figsave(gcf,filename,'png'); % figsave is a customized function?
% saveas(gcf,filename,'png') % use file type matlab recognizes
filename = sprintf("C15_rhs_CalADC_ch%i_%s",CHANNEL,dt); % with ac
%figsave(gcf,filename,'png'); % figsave is a customized function?
saveas(gcf,filename+"_ac",'png') % use file type matlab recognizes
ls % the file is saved
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Karim 2022년 9월 19일
편집: Karim 2022년 9월 19일
Do you mean savefig? See below fo a method to create the filename as you indicate and a demo to save and open the figure.
dt = datestr(now,'yymmdd_HHMMSS');
% concatenate the different strings, use _ as delimiter
filename = join( ["C15_rhs_CalADC_ch",num2str(CHANNEL),dt,"ac"] , "_" )
filename = "C15_rhs_CalADC_ch_1_220919_140322_ac"
axis equal
grid on
% save the figure
savefig(gcf, filename)
% try to open the figure
ans =
Figure (2) with properties: Number: 2 Name: '' Color: [1 1 1] Position: [671 661 577 433] Units: 'pixels' Show all properties
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Bakr Abdelgaliel
Bakr Abdelgaliel 2022년 9월 19일
I know that, but i don't like to change the parameter (filename) because i am going to use it several times with 'ac', 'dc', 'ADC', 'DAC', etc..

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