Matlab Script that I can add a Gaussian Noise to a Discrete Wavelet Transform processed fault signal

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Please does any one has a matlab script where I can add a Gausssian Noise to a Discrete Wavelete Transform processed fault signal. This will mimic a lightning disturbance and switching disturbance during fault connditions and normal steady state. Forf the protective relay to distinguish between this lightning disturbance and fault conditions

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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 18일
편집: William Rose 2022년 9월 18일
If you have a fault signal x(t), processed by a DWT (or not), add Gaussian noise as shown.
s=1; %standard deviation of the added noise
xn=x+s*randn(size(x)); %x=signal without added noise
The fact that the signal has been processed by a DWT is not really relevant, unless there is more information that you want to share. Good luck with your work on lightning and faults.
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John Amoo-Otoo
John Amoo-Otoo 2022년 9월 21일
William, for a script like this where will the Gaussian Noise fit. I have also attached the data that needs to be processed
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John Amoo-Otoo
John Amoo-Otoo 2022년 9월 24일
편집: John Amoo-Otoo 2022년 9월 24일
The output is to distinguish between a fault condition and Non faut condition. The entropy output(Highest and Minmimum entropy) wil tell me a fault condition and when a Protection starts and will use it as a treshold for the protection settings

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