Is there a way to visualise all the regionprops properties versus the original image?

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Hi folks,
I have a series of images with corresponding BW masks, as per below. For each mask, I have used the regionprops function to get all the geometric information about it.
Is there any way to overlay some of these properties onto the original mask so as to highlight what they mean in the context of the image?
For example, is there a way to overlay the Feret diamaters or angles onto the image, eccentricity, orientation etc to visualise how they change with the image?
Any help would be appreciated!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022년 9월 15일
Yes, Try calling "hold on" then use plot().
Also see Steve's blog:
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Teshan Rezel
Teshan Rezel 2022년 9월 15일
@Image Analyst thanks for this, I've tried doing what was in the blog and get the following there any way to adjust this to the shape of my object?

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