How to add label to geoscatter when havering over the datapoint

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Hello Community,
Below a very simple script that plots tsunamis on a map. When you hoover over a datapoint you only see the Latitude and Longitide. How can I add i.e. the Contry to this label when moving the mouse over the point? I don't want to plot up all the countries; that would make the plot too busy. I only want to see the country when going with the mouse over the point. How can I display this information. Any thoughts?
tsunamis = readtable('tsunamis.xlsx');

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Vishesh 2022년 10월 6일
  • Please refer to this MATLAB Answer : Plot and Hover
  • Make a list of country name corresponding to there latitude and longitude by yourself.
  • Make some changes in the above MATLAB Answer code accordingly.
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Ferry Nieuwland
Ferry Nieuwland 2022년 10월 11일
Thanks for pointing me to these scripts. That helped and solved my question. Much appreciated.
Kind Regards,

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