How do I interface Torch X haptic device with Matlab/SIMULINK

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Ahmad Abubakar
Ahmad Abubakar 2022년 9월 9일
답변: Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
I am a Ph.D candidate working on Haptic Teleoperation. I would like to interface my Torch X haptic device with the SIMULINK for some controls and analysis, but I could not figure how to do this meanwhile I saw many researchers using this haptic device in simulink to perform there experiment. I saw a toolkit online, known as PHANSIM toolkit, which was developed and testing on Matlab version 2009. I used it but it fails to work thinking that it might be unsupported for new version of matlab.
I would really appracite anyone help me to sort this out, as I really need it to progress in my research.
Ahmad Abubakar

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Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
I believe you are asking for ways to interface "TouchX" haptic device with MATLAB/Simulink.
The following github repository seems to be providing exactly what you require:
As mentioned, the repository provides tools to integrate TouchX haptic as a master device for teleoperating simulations.
Hope this helps!


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