Problems with model behaviour, hanging-up in a loop.

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Joel . 2015년 2월 21일
댓글: Joel . 2015년 2월 25일
Hello everyone,
I am trying to model a rainwater harvesting system using Simscape. Currently I struggle to control my treatment unit. In case the water volume of the treatment's subsequent tank reaches a certain level, I want to pause the treatment. I am doing this by sending a signal to the pressure source advancing the treatment. If the treatment is meant to pause I simply set the implied pressure difference to zero. Now, whenever I hit my threshold and the system is meant to pause, it hangs-up.
I tried to do the sharp change manually. It worked fine. However, I want my system to run automatically.
I tried a lot of different things but to be honest, I don't really know or find the problem. I reckon it is associated with the signal to control the implied pressure, but how?
Any help and/or note is appreciated.
Thank you

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri 2015년 2월 25일
Hello, Joel,
Would you please attach the model to this thread so I can take a look and try to better understand the issue?
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Joel 2015년 2월 25일
Hello Javier,
thanks for your answer. I already solved this issue by using the simulink data memory block instead of linking backwards.

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