Date time conversion fail

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Karel Starý
Karel Starý 2022년 8월 29일
답변: Steven Lord 2022년 8월 29일
Hello all,
I would like to conver a time to num format so i can do some basic math on it and then I wold like to format t back to day time format.
TimeFormat = 'yyyymmddHHMMSS';
st_file=cell(1,1);%Memory prealocation
t = w_files{2,1}(1,"time") %I am pulling a time from my data: 2022-08-08 10:18:12.000
t =
2022-08-08 10:18:12.000
t = table2array(t)%Converting it to cell because datestr does not work as it is right now
t =
2022-08-08 10:18:12.000
t = datestr(t,TimeFormat);%Making it a str
t =
t = datetime(t,"InputFormat",TimeFormat)%Changing it back to date time format
t =
08-Oct-2020 08:22:00
Is this how is the sotware intended to work? Where am I making a mistake and how can I avoid it in the future. Thanks!

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Karim 2022년 8월 29일
From the looks of it, you need to change the months (M) and minutes (m) symbols in your time format to convert the string into expected datetime. See below:
TimeFormat = 'yyyyMMddHHmmSS';
t = "20220808101812"
t = "20220808101812"
t = datetime(t,"InputFormat",TimeFormat)
t = datetime
08-Aug-2022 10:18:00
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 8월 29일
datetime() was written using ISO standard codes for date and time. datestr() is older than the ISO standard.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2022년 8월 29일
I would like to conver a time to num format so i can do some basic math on it
What math do you want to do to the time data? There may be a way to avoid converting from time to number and back. For example:
T = datetime('today')
T = datetime
nextMonth = T + calmonths(1)
nextMonth = datetime
startOfThisMonth = dateshift(T, 'start', 'month')
startOfThisMonth = datetime





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