How to remove Noise using histogram In Matlab

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Stephen john
Stephen john 2022년 8월 28일
댓글: Stephen john 2022년 8월 29일
Hello Everyone, i hope you are doing well. I have the following data in which I have some noise. I want to remove the Noise using Histogram or any other Method. I have attached the picture below which is the noise.
How can i do that?


Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B 2022년 8월 28일
Below is a workflow based on groupcounts function:
load noisydata.mat
plot(dataset, 'o')
title("noisy data")
% Filtering based groupcounts
[GC, GR] = groupcounts(dataset) ;
denoisedData = dataset(ismember(dataset, GR(GC>10))) ; % group that has count less than 10 will be removed
plot(denoisedData, 'o')
title("denoised data")
Hope this helps
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Stephen john
Stephen john 2022년 8월 29일
@Issa Can you help me with this using Histogram?

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