Connecting Two Zynq706 on Single PC for Synchronized output

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I want to connect two Zynq on sigle PC . I have implemented the same model on both ZYNQ706 on seprate PC but now i want to operate both zynq board simultaneously for a synchronized output. how is it possible to communicte two ZYNQ 706 on same PC . Simply i m trying to to use the shared resources of two ZYNQ board .

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Abhijeet Gadkari
Abhijeet Gadkari 2022년 8월 26일
편집: Abhijeet Gadkari 2022년 8월 26일
Hello Hassan,
The IP Address for Zynq hardware is set when you create the zynq object.
If you want to communicate to two different Zynq boards using MATLAB, you can call the zynq function with different arguments right before you want to connect to a different board.
zc7061 = zynq('linux','','root','root')
zc7062 = zynq('linux','','root','root')
You can possibly do the same by calling this function, in InitFcn callback of your Simulink model, that will update the IP Address for that run.

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