How do I add character to a string in Simulink/Simevents?

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Ho Jung Kim
Ho Jung Kim . 2022년 8월 1일
댓글: Walter Roberson . 2022년 8월 4일
Is there a way to append characters from array in Simulink/Simevents? I have tried to add characters to an empty string using strcat and append in Simulink/Simevents, but I am getting the following error:
Incorrect size for expression '<output of strcat>': expected [1x0] but found [1x1].
Incorrect size for expression '<output of append>': expected [1x0] but found [1x1].
Is there a way to make this work? or is there another way to append characters to an empty string in Simulink/Simevents? The following is the code I am using. Thank you.
memory is an array with 10 0s.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2022년 8월 4일
Simulink doesn't like the fact that the variable s grows in length. Try something like this:
s = repat(' ',1,10); % create char array of max size
s_counter = 0;
for c=1:length(entity.memory)
if(entity.memory( c ) ~= 0
s_counter = s_counter + 1;
s(s_counter) = entity.memory( c );
fprintf('%s\n', s);


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