i want to use LSTM based audio network to work with Live audio

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Hello Matlab team,
I am using this example to work with my audio data set https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/74611-fault-detection-using-deep-learning-classification#examples_tab dataset is trained but I want to make the application live with PC, forexample I have a mic and make an application to use my trained model to predict the output.
Can you guide me or help me with that?
Arslan Munaim


jibrahim 2022년 7월 27일
Hi Arslan,
There is a function in that repo (streamingClassifier) that should get the job done in conjunction with an audio device reader:
% Create a microphone object
adr = audioDeviceReader(SampleRate=16e3,SamplesPerFrame=512);
% These statistic value should come from your training...
M = 0;
S = 1;
while 1
% Read a frame of data from microphone
frame = adr();
% Pass to network
scores = streamingClassifier(frame,M,S);
% Use the scores any way you want
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Arslan Munim
Arslan Munim 2022년 8월 9일
Thankyou for your support, it was very helpful.
Now I want to use multiple mics for prediction can you please give me some idea how i can use streaming classifier with 3 or 4 mics of the predicition.
Thanks and have a nice day.

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jibrahim 2022년 8월 9일
Hi Arslan,
audioDeviceReader supports multi-mic devices. Use the ChannelMappingSource and ChannelMapping properties to map between device input channels and the output data.
This network was trained on mono data, so, to adapt it to multi-channel data, you either have to retrain your network for multi-channel data, or somehow combine your input channels into one channel (by a weighted sum, or selecting a particular channel, etc) and proceed like above.
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Arslan Munim
Arslan Munim 2022년 9월 28일
Hi again,
I am trying to train my network, with lowering BitsPerSample to 8 before it was 16 BitsPerSample. Every time i try to start training model it throw warning (given below) and terminates.
I try it with different sample rate but it gives same error everytime. I tried to change my layer structure, changing InitialLearnRate',0.001 but still i am getting same warning.
Warning: Training stopped at iteration 1 because training loss is NaN. Predictions using the output network might contain NaN values.
layers = [ ...
miniBatchSize = 30;
validationFrequency = floor(numel(trainingFeatures)/miniBatchSize);
options = trainingOptions("adam", ...
"MaxEpochs",100, ...
"MiniBatchSize",miniBatchSize, ...
"Plots","training-progress", ...
"Verbose",false, ...
"Shuffle","every-epoch", ...
"LearnRateSchedule","piecewise", ...
"LearnRateDropFactor",0.1, ...
'ValidationData',{validationFeatures,adsValidation.Labels}, ...

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