My MATLAB 2022a not talking to Python 3.9.13

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OK, the usual newby start-up problems. I downloaded Python 3.9.13 in hopes I could call Python routines from MATLAB. Not sure what else I have to do to so MATLAB can call (talk to) Python. The very first recommended step in the relevant MATLAB help documentation seems to be to issue the command "pyenv" in MATLAB. Here is the result I get:
>> pyenv
ans =
PythonEnvironment with properties:
Version: ""
Executable: ""
Library: ""
Home: ""
Status: NotLoaded
ExecutionMode: InProcess
Hmmm, not encouraging. Clearly, I need to do something else. But what? Is Python 3.9.13 not compatile with MATLAB 2022a?

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2022년 7월 26일
It seems that python is not your on paths list, hence its not auto detected by Matlab.
You can manually set the executable path using pyenv function so that Matlab can load python.
executable = 'C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37\pythonw.exe';
pe = pyenv('Version',executable);
The variable executable specifies the full path to the Python executable. You can look for the path where you installed python.
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Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister 2022년 7월 28일
Mohammad: I have done some trial runs with MATLAB calling Python and have gotten the expected results.
Many thanks once again!

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