dataDir = HelperAN4Download not working in Speaker Identification Using Pitch and MFCC

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While running the function, I get following error on dataDir = HelperAN4Download;
dataDir = HelperAN4Download;
Error using checkfilename>downloadArchiveFile
Function UNTAR was unable to read URL ''''.
Error in checkfilename>validateFilename (line 115)
fullfilename = downloadArchiveFile(protocol, filename, urltempname, function_name);
Error in checkfilename (line 49)
[fullfilename, fid] = validateFilename( ...
Error in parseUnArchiveInputs (line 83)
[archiveFilename, url] = checkfilename(archiveFilename, validExtensions, ...
Error in untar (line 47)
parseUnArchiveInputs(mfilename, tarFilename, ...
Error in HelperAN4Download (line 24)
Error in ruf_speaker_recognition (line 66)
dataDir = HelperAN4Download;
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 7월 19일
When I search the internet, I see the same database problem occur for some Python users. In the posting I looked at, the user showed that the request was being rejected by the other end, as opposed to a status of "not found". Some users there found that they were able to access later, but not consistently.
At the moment I do not know if there is a firewall configured to deny access (to most of us), or if there is a firewall that is rejecting "high load", or if the people who run the site have decided to remove the files. At the very least you will need to try again later, and it is not currently clear whether the file will ever be available again.
I did not find any alternative source for the file.

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MathWorks Audio Toolbox Team
MathWorks Audio Toolbox Team 2022년 7월 19일
Unfortunately, that dataset has been flaky and I am not sure why. In the past, it has been inaccessible for days or weeks and then come back online.
For R2022b, we have updated the example to use a subset of the commonvoice dataset MathWorks hosts on supportfiles. I've attached a modified version of this example which I confirmed works on the R2021a release.

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