Cannot find files or folders matching: 'C:\Users\Computer Complex\Ap​pData\Loca​l\Temp\fre​e-spoken-d​igit-datas​et-master\​recordings​'.

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pathToRecordingsFolder = fullfile(tempdir,'free-spoken-digit-dataset-master','recordings');
location = pathToRecordingsFolder;
Point audioDatastore to that location.
ads = audioDatastore(location);
Cannot find files or folders matching: 'C:\Users\Computer Complex\AppData\Local\Temp\free-spoken-digit-dataset-master\recordings'.
facing error while runing this code how to load fsd data or what to do
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Jan 2022년 7월 14일
Correct. If there is no such data set in your personal temp folder, the code cannot run.
Please mention, what "taken from Matlab" exactly means.

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jibrahim 2022년 7월 14일
This dataset does not ship with the product. The introduction/description of this example should have the info on where to download it from

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