MatLab fails to recognize mapped drives

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Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders 2022년 7월 13일
답변: Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 13일
I have a mapped network drive that for some reason MatLab cannot see. The drive is mapped over a VPN portal. Literally all other programs and apps on my laptop can see this drive; but not MatLab. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Kshittiz Bhardwaj
Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 13일
Hello Tony,
As per my understanding you are unable to locate the mapped network drive on MATLAB.
First of all it would be appreciated if you attach the screenshots with such queries as it would help us to understand the actual problem. As you are saying that all other programs apart from MATLAB are able to locate the drive.
Without knowing the actual issue, the first thing you can try is to restart the MATLAB. It would fix the issue in most of the cases. If it is still not fixed, you may try to map the same drive again(For eg if previously you mapped to X, then do it again with Y) and see if the issue still pertains.


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