matlab live script support markdown syntax?

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cui,xingxing . 2022년 7월 12일
편집: cui,xingxing . 2023년 10월 26일
matlab live script would be better if it could directly support markdown syntax (and preview), I learned from a third-party program that ".mlx" is first converted to a latex document, and then to a markdown document, which does not look straightforward, and the richness of mlx documents is worse than markdown, and now all kinds of language tools The mainstream mode of all kinds of language tools is to support markdown syntax, why matlab can not natively support it directly?
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Jan 2022년 7월 12일
The readers in the forum are mostly voluntary Matlab users. They cannot know the answer. It would be more efficient to send this as an enhancement request to MathWorks.

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cui,xingxing 2023년 8월 10일
편집: cui,xingxing 님. 2023년 10월 26일
Luckily, I learnt that R2023b which will be released next month will start to support mlx file to export markdown file, although it is a bit unfortunate that the syntax of mlx can't support markdown, but for daily work, it's already enough!
----------2023.10.26 update-----------
Luckily, TMW officially supports export mlx files to Markdown files since R2023b.
The syntax for writing and formatting text directly in mlx files is also largely compatible with Markdown syntax.

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