How to plot cosine of complex function of third degree?

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Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed . 2022년 7월 11일
댓글: Aisha Mohamed . 2022년 7월 12일
I plot the phase of this function
fb(z) = (0.1496 − 0.1692i)z^−1 + (0.2472 + 0.0916i)z^−2 + (−0.8196 − 0.3718i)z^−3
by using this command
surf(re_z,im_z,angle(f_of_z_result),'EdgeColor','none'); .
My question is how can me plot the cosine of this function?
I appriciate any help
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Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed 2022년 7월 12일
Thanks Torsten so much, I really appriciate your efforts.
I will use all these commands to study my function.

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