How can I open neural network training dialog in R2022a

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I have some legacy code which uses nntraintool programatically in order to allow users to view and plot NN training stats. But after release R2022a the code is broken.
What command should I use to open the new neural network training tool?
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Pranesh 2022년 7월 12일
nntraintool has been removed. To train a network and open the training window, use train instead.

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Kshittiz Bhardwaj
Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 12일
Hello Rafael
I understand that you want to use nntraintool to allow users to view and plot NN training stats but you are facing some issues in R2022a.
nntraintool - If you follow the official documentation of nntraintool, you will know that it has been removed and the documentation itself tells you to use train instead.
You can follow this to learn more about it: train


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