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How to represent a wave in 3D and its Interference with other waves?

digivjay pandey 님이 질문을 제출함. 5 Feb 2015
최근 활동 Youssef Khmou 님이 댓글을 추가함. 5 Feb 2015
I have a number of radars( 2 or more) in my model. I want to simulate the interference due to radars. I can track wave-form using a platform object. But how to do the simulation and what are the conditions the wave should satisfy?

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Youssef Khmou 님의 답변 5 Feb 2015

simulation is done using the absolute value of electric field (Ex,Ey,Ez), and linear medium allows linear superposition, then a sum of existing wave is possible, the conditions needed are the polarization of the wave, amplitude, frequency and phase. generally solution of Helmholtz equation is used .

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how do we represent the wave in 3D space at a given instant. Wave is an continuous object. It would be good to get a code example. Also how do waves interact.
see this example :

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