How to append arrays of different lengths

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Yash 2022년 7월 1일
답변: GeeTwo 2022년 7월 1일
I am trying to extract values from a structure, but those arrays are of different lengths. I was wondering how I could make a structure/array with those arrays of different lengths. I either want to try creating a padding for the arrays or create a structure with the different lengths within it.
Below is my attempt of trying to create the newarr by appending newarray values to it, but a horzcat error prevents appending once the length of the array changes from 8882*2 to 8879*2.
for n=1:size((dist_arr),1)%dis_arr is a character array of size (20x36)
I was wondering if anyone has a possible solution to this issue so I can create an array/structure with all the signals regardless of what the array size is.


GeeTwo 2022년 7월 1일
What about something like:
function cat=horzcat_pad(a,b);
% How long is the longer matrix?
% Pad any shorter than this with zeros
if length(a,1)<longer, a(longer,1)=0; end
if length(b,1)<longer, b(longer,1)=0; end
% Now horizontally concatenate the possibly padded arrays.
cat=[a b];


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