How to get the value of interpolated data for 2D table in matlab

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Below is the table I want to read in matlab and get the values for the specified x and y.
Also, if the value of x and y is in between the specified values, how do I get the interpolated value. Please let me know how to code this
thanks in advance


Kshittiz Bhardwaj
Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 1일
편집: Kshittiz Bhardwaj 2022년 7월 1일
Hello Harish,
You can use the readTable function to import the excel file in matlab as a table
Eg: T = readtable(filename)
For interpolating values, you can use the interp1 function and it would do the interpolation for you

Dhritishman 2022년 7월 3일
Firstly, you need to import the file in MATLAB as a table. You can use Readtable to do that.
T = readtable(filename);
To interpolate the values, you can use the interp1 function. You can use the appropriate function depending on your question.


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