How do I use Matlab Mobile as a university student?

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Mark 2015년 2월 4일
답변: Pradeep 2015년 2월 5일
I am currently a student, and have access through our academic licenses. Being that my school is a large bureaucratic machine I will not be able to obtain a license key from our admins. Is there a way for students to have access Matlab mobile while attending university?


Pradeep 2015년 2월 5일
I am assuming that you wish to connect to the cloud from MATLAB Mobile.
If you are a student at a university that currently owns a MATLAB license, talking to your license admin is the easiest way to access MATLAB Mobile. You can also use the app at no extra cost by virtue of being associated with your university license.
An alternative would be to purchase MATLAB Student, which also provides cloud connectivity from MATLAB Mobile.

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