Compare table variables with input list and replace missing vars with NA

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I have a set of data attached in output.csv file which I would like to compare with my masterlist in txt file and see if there's anything missing, if there is a variable missing I want to add it and put its points as NA. How do i do that?
Thanks in advance.

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NIVEDITA MAJEE 2022년 6월 30일
You could do it like this:
[~,output] = xlsread('output.csv', 'A:A'); %reading the Names column from output.csv
masterlist = importdata('masterlist.txt'); %reading the data from masterlist.txt
diff = setdiff(masterlist, output); %finding the variables missing in output.csv after comparing it with the variables in masterlist.txt
NA_cell = cell(size(diff)); %creating a cell array with the same dimension as diff array
NA_cell(:) = {'NA'}; % populating it with 'NA'
diff = [diff NA_cell]; %concatenating NA into the diff array
writecell(diff, 'output.csv', 'WriteMode', 'append'); %appending the diff matrix into the output.csv
Hope this solves your issue!

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Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen 2022년 6월 30일
Readtable and outerjoin do the trick (xlsread is discouraged at this point - readtable is preferred). FYI, there's also a join Live Task that you can use in the Live Editor to explore different join options interactively.
t = readtable("",Delimiter=",");
m = readtable("",Delimiter=",", ReadVariableNames=false);
m.Properties.VariableNames(1) = "Names";
ans = 101×2 table
Names Points ________________ ______ {'abc_0_DivA' } 70 {'abc_100_DivD'} NaN {'abc_10_DivA' } 90 {'abc_11_DivA' } 20 {'abc_12_DivA' } 100 {'abc_13_DivA' } 60 {'abc_14_DivA' } 30 {'abc_15_DivA' } 70 {'abc_16_DivA' } 40 {'abc_17_DivA' } 50 {'abc_18_DivA' } 90 {'abc_19_DivA' } 60 {'abc_1_DivA' } 40 {'abc_20_DivA' } 60 {'abc_21_DivA' } 90 {'abc_22_DivA' } 60
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RD 2022년 7월 6일
the function outerjoin is still giving me an issue, I will try to look into the documentation more about the function to figure out if there are any user error's on my part. But for the time being @NIVEDITA MAJEE's solution with setdiff function is working for me.
Thanks for the input.

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per isakson
per isakson 2022년 7월 2일
This should work with 2017b.
fid = fopen( 'output.csv', 'rt' );
output_csv = textscan( fid, '%s%*f', 'Headerlines',1, 'Delimiter',',' );
[~] = fclose( fid );
fid = fopen( 'masterlist.txt', 'rt' );
masterlist = textscan( fid, '%s' );
[~] = fclose( fid );
lacking = setdiff( masterlist{1}, output_csv{1} );
fid = fopen( 'output.csv', 'a' );
for cac = reshape( lacking, 1,[] )
[~] = fprintf( fid, '%s,%s\r\n', cac{1}, 'NA' );
[~] = fclose( fid );
dbtype output.csv 96:102
96 abc_72_DivC,0 97 abc_73_DivC,0 98 abc_91_DivD,0 99 abc_99_DivD,-40 100 abc_100_DivD,NA 101 abc_44_DivB,NA 102 abc_74_DivC,NA





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